Why Does My Dog Cover His Food with His Blanket?

When your dog covers his food with a blanket, it can be quite perplexing. Dogs are known to hide things they value, and since they don’t usually carry blankets around, this behavior is especially curious. To help bring clarity to the situation and provide helpful advice, let’s take a closer look at why dogs might cover their food with a blanket.

The Basics of Dog Behavior 

Before exploring further into why your dog might be covering his food with a blanket or other item, it’s important to review some basics about canine behavior. Dogs are social animals that live in packs, whether within the home or out in nature and share resources and territories within those groups. This instinctive behavior goes back thousands of years and is still present today in domestic dogs that form family “packs” within our homes. Because of this innate sense of survival, dogs learn to protect resources like food to guarantee that everyone gets what they need when necessary. 

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Why Your Dog is Covering His Food 

Why Your Dog is Covering His Food 

Now that we understand some basics of canine behavior, let’s explore the various reasons why your pup might be covering his food with a blanket: 

  • He Wants To Hide His Food: As mentioned above, sharing resources within the pack—or household—is an instinctive behavior for dogs, so hiding their food provides them a sense of security knowing fellow pack members won’t take it away from him while he’s eating or afterward either. Furthermore, if your pup has guests over, such as children or other animals, he may want to keep it all for himself because deep down he knows not everyone deserves treats!
  • He Wants To Make It Comfortable For Eating: Some dogs feel more comfortable if there is something soft between them and their bowl making them feel safe while eating due to ancestral instincts which makes find comfort in being hidden while consuming something valuable like their favorite meal! This seems more common among rescue pups who may have had difficult times before coming into full-time loving homes where they can finally rest assured nobody will take away their belongings during mealtime anymore (which likely happened during prior struggles).
  • He Is Bored With His Surroundings: As strange as it may sound, sometimes boredom can also cause a dog to start searching for items outside his usual diet (or surroundings). If you often leave your pup alone at home, then chances are high that he begins feeling lonely after a while when no one keeps him company. And what better way than finding something interesting like blankets or shoes? Not only does this provide solace but it also helps avoid destructive behaviors brought on by loneliness!
  • Fear & Anxiety Are At Play: The final possibility – fear/anxiety could also cause peculiar acts such as covering up dishes with objects like blankets or towels too! If this occurs only occasionally, then it probably just means that particular environment proved too much stimulation for your dog resulting in anxiousness caused by feeling overwhelmed; however, if persistent bouts occur, then perhaps visiting an animal therapist would best help address these issues permanently rather than trying home remedies since only a professional can truly uncover root causes accurately without taking any risks by guessing wrong answers through trial & error methods.
What Should You Do? 

What Should You Do? 

When possible, owners should try understanding factors leading up to occasions where such behaviors happen firsthand instead of treating symptoms blindly without having many contexts because doing so often results in missing significant details causing medical treatments to become more difficult later on down line due to inadequate information gathered early stages investigation stage had been skipped due lack time/patience, etc. Therefore getting ahead matters here greatly depending upon how far along the desired result is needed; otherwise, many steps forward taken short term could turn phantom progress wasted energy going long run even worse than starting from scratch again earlier. Plus, not aware of triggers triggering these reactions makes treating the underlying condition nearly impossible, meaning action must taken immediately to identify the source problem in order deal properly and continue moving positive direction once true solution is revealed soon enough anyway, else the health mental well being pet deteriorates gradually, becomes harder recover longer wait answer found later date treatment applied accordingly.

If you want help treating anxiety related behaviors specifically, there are several options available–a pet visit veterinarian discuss fears/anxieties associated with certain situations, even joining a local support group aside providing medication relaxation techniques. Specific each individual case eventually lead us path towards optimal outcome. Ultimately improving quality of life hopefully, future living situations similarly improve directly.

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Why Do Dogs Hide their Food? Explanation


There could be multiple reasons why your pup may cover his food with blankets, ranging from wanting extra comfort while eating to simply seeking attention from you. But whatever you determine, studying doggie behavior basics always helps explain mysterious quirks making it easier to diagnose and figure real source root problems quicker. Also, helping find solutions faster gives peace of mind knowing least took one step direction.

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