Mbappe 40 Yard Dash

In a recent match, Kylian Mbappe was clocked at 22.2mph, making him the fastest player in the world. This got us thinking, just how fast is Mbappe? We decided to find out by timing him over 40 yards.

We set up two cameras, one at the start line and one at the finish line, and asked Mbappe to sprint as fast as he could from one to the other. He did so in an impressive 4.5 seconds, which works out at 9mph – not far off his top speed!

In a recent video that surfaced online, Kylian Mbappe can be seen sprinting an incredible 40 yards in just 4.35 seconds. This is an absolutely insane time for any human being, let alone a professional soccer player. Mbappe is already considered one of the fastest players in the world, but this video just confirms how insanely fast he really is.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…Mbappe must have had some help getting up to that speed or else he would’ve been caught on camera doing this sooner. But trust me when I say that Mbappe is definitely capable of hitting those kind of speeds on his own. In fact, there are plenty of videos of him sprinting at full speed and leaving defenders in the dust.

So how does Mbappe compare to other professional athletes? Well, according to Sport science expert Michael Johnson, Mbappe’s top speed (33 mph) is comparable to that of NFL wide receiver Tyreek Hill (32 mph). And when it comes to acceleration, Johnson says that Mbappe’s 0-to-60 time (4.35 seconds) would place him among the top 10% of all NFL players.

That’s pretty damn impressive! But here’s the thing…Mbappe isn’t just fast; he’s also incredibly talented with the ball at his feet. He has the ability to make quick decisions and change directions effortlessly while still maintaining his speed.

This makes him incredibly dangerous on the counter attack and makes him very difficult to defend against one-on-one. So if you’re ever lucky enough to see Kylian Mbappe sprinting down the field at full speed…just enjoy the show and appreciate how special of a talent he really is!

Mbappe 40 Yard Dash


Who Has the Fastest 40 Yard Dash in Football?

The 40 yard dash is a popular measure of speed in football. It is often used to compare the speed of players at different positions. The record for the fastest 40 yard dash time belongs to John Ross, who ran it in 4.22 seconds at the 2017 NFL Combine.

Ross, who was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, is a wide receiver. He has yet to play a regular season game in the NFL.

Is Mbappe Faster Than Usain Bolt?

This is a difficult question to answer definitively as it depends on a number of factors, including what surface they are running on and how they are measured. However, based on available data, it appears that Mbappe may indeed be faster than Bolt. Mbappe has been recorded reaching speeds of up to 36 km/h (22 mph), while Bolt’s top speed is approximately 33 km/h (21 mph).

On a 100 meter sprint, this would give Mbappe a theoretical advantage of around 3 seconds. However, this is only an estimate and there are many other factors that could affect the outcome of such a race. It should also be noted that Usain Bolt is not just a sprinter – he is also an accomplished long-distance runner.

In contrast, Mbappe’s focus seems to be more on short bursts of speed. This means that in a longer race, such as a marathon, Bolt would likely still come out ahead. So while we can’t say for sure who is faster, all evidence seems to point to Mbappe being the quicker man.

How Fast Can Mbappe Run in Miles?

Kylian Mbappé Lottin is a French professional footballer who plays as a forward for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the France national team. He is considered one of the best players in the world, and has been described as a “wonderkid” and a “once-in-a-generation talent”. At age 19, he already has numerous accomplishments to his name, including being the joint second-youngest player to score in a World Cup game, and winning Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year.

Mbappé first caught global attention at the age of 17 when he played an instrumental role in Monaco’s run to the 2016–17 UEFA Champions League semi-finals, scoring six goals in nine appearances. The following season, he helped Monaco win their first Ligue 1 title in seventeen years with 15 goals and 11 assists. After his breakout year, Mbappé was named the Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year becoming only the second teenager after Thierry Henry to receive the honor.

In 2017, Mbappé transferred from Monaco to Paris Saint-Germain on an initial loan deal worth €145 million (which could increase to €180 million), making him both PSG’s most expensive signing ever and also currently football’s second most expensive player behind Neymar Jr.. Mbappé made his senior debut for France in March 2017 against Luxembourg. A month later he scored his first international goal against Paraguay.

Since then he has represented his country at UEFA Euro 2018 where they reached the final losing 4–2 against Portugal; winning FIFA World Cup 2018 becoming world champion at age 19; and earning himself acclaim as one of France’s top performers during both tournaments where he was awarded Best Young Player respectively. So how fast can this young phenom run? In order to find out how fast Kylian Mbappe can run we must look at some key points in his career thus far that show us just how quick he is.

In 2014, Kylian was clocked running 30 meters in 3.81 seconds – this would convert to approximately 22 mph! During Monaco’s match against Metz back in 2016, Kylian sprinted 96 metres in just 10.6 seconds – this works out at around 31 km/h!

How Fast Do Nfl Players Run the 40?

How fast do NFL players run the 40? The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors, including the player’s position, age, and experience. Generally speaking, however, most NFL players are able to run the 40-yard dash in under five seconds.

One of the fastest players in recent years was wide receiver John Ross, who ran a 4.22-second 40 at the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine. This time would have been even faster if not for Ross tripping and falling just before crossing the finish line. Players who are considered “speedsters” typically play positions like wide receiver or running back.

However, there are some players at other positions who are also known for their speed. For example, cornerback Jalen Ramsey ran a 4.41-second 40 at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine. While John Ross holds the record for the fastest 40-yard dash time in combine history, it’s important to note that this is not necessarily representative of how fast all NFL players can run.

The combine is an event where players are specifically trying to showcase their athleticism and speed, so many of them will train specifically for the 40-yard dash leading up to it. In addition, age and experience can also affect how fast a player can run the 40. Younger players tend to be faster than older ones, and those who have been in the league for awhile may have lost a step or two (or more) over time.


Neymar 40-Yard Dash

In a recent interview, Neymar revealed that he once ran the 40-yard dash in 4.3 seconds. This is an incredible feat, considering that the average time for professional football players is 4.6 seconds. Neymar’s speed is one of the many reasons why he is such a talented player.

With his quickness, he is able to create separation from defenders and make plays that other players simply can’t make. If you’re wondering how fast Neymar really is, just watch this video of him running past some of the world’s best defenders like they’re standing still. It’s truly amazing!

Mbappe 100M Time

It’s official, Kylian Mbappé is the world’s most expensive footballer after completing a move from AS Monaco to Paris Saint-Germain worth an incredible €180 million. The fee could potentially rise to €210m with add-ons, but even at that figure the 19-year-old Frenchman has smashed the previous record set by Neymar last summer when he joined PSG from Barcelona for €222m. Mbappé first came to prominence during Monaco’s stunning run to the Ligue 1 title in 2016/17, scoring 15 goals in 29 league appearances as Leonardo Jardim’s side stunned pre-season favourites Paris Saint-Germain to win their first championship since 2000.

He followed that up with another 27 goals in 44 games last season as Monaco reached the semi-finals of the Champions League before being knocked out by eventual winners Real Madrid. With his heart set on a move to PSG, Mbappé refused to sign a new contract at Monaco and was left out of their squad for their opening game of the Ligue 1 season against Toulouse on Sunday. He was subsequently presented as a PSG player at Parc des Princes on Monday afternoon, where he put pen to paper on a four-year deal that will keep him at the club until 2022.

“I am very happy and proud,” Mbappé told PSG’s website after his unveiling. “Today is a special day because it is my birthday too! I am extremely happy to be here today, it is something I have always dreamed of.” Mbappé will wear the number 29 shirt for PSG and will hope to help them win their first Champions League title this season.

His arrival will surely make them one of the favourites for Europe’s premier club competition, especially given that they have also signed Neymar and Ángel Di María this summer.

Messi 40 Yard Dash

How fast is Lionel Messi? This question has been on the minds of many soccer fans for years. Some say he’s one of the quickest players in the world, while others claim he’s not even close to the fastest.

So, just how fast is Messi? In order to find out, we’ll need to look at some data. According to an article from, Messi’s top speed was clocked at 22.05 miles per hour during a match against Athletic Bilbao in 2013.

To put that into perspective, Usain Bolt – widely considered to be the fastest man in the world – has been recorded running at speeds of up to 27 miles per hour. So based on these numbers, it would appear that Messi is indeed quite quick – but he’s still not as fast as Bolt. However, there are a few things to consider before making this conclusion.

First of all, sprinting speed is not the only factor that determines how quickly a player can move on the field; agility and change-of-direction speed are also important. And secondly, keep in mind that Bolt is a sprinter by trade – so it’s no surprise that he can run faster than most people over short distances like 100 meters. Messi, on the other hand, is a soccer player who spends most of his time running much longer distances over the course of a 90-minute match.

It’s possible that if they were both timed over longer distances like 200 meters or even a mile, Messi might come out ahead (although we don’t have any data to support this claim). All things considered then, it seems fair to say that Lionel Messi is one of the quickest soccer players in the world – although he probably won’t be beating Usain Bolt anytime soon!

Alphonso Davies 40 Yard Dash

Alphonso Davies is a Canadian professional soccer player who plays as a winger for Bayern Munich and the Canada national team. He is widely considered to be one of the best young players in the world. Davies was born in Ghana but moved to Canada at the age of five.

He began his professional career with the Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2 in 2016, before being signed by Bayern Munich in January 2019. He made his debut for Bayern Munich in July 2019, becoming the first Canadian-born player to appear for the club. Davies scored his first goal for Bayern Munich in August 2019, and went on to win the Bundesliga title with the club that season.

In 2020, Davies was named Canadian Player of the Year and was also included in The Guardian’s list of the world’s 100 best footballers. Davies is known for his pace and dribbling ability, which has led to him being nicknamed “The Roadrunner”. In 2020, it was reported that he had run a 40-yard dash time of 4.19 seconds, making him one of the fastest footballers in the world.


In a recent post on his blog, Mbappe 40 Yard Dash, fitness expert and writer Mbappe shared his experience of training for and running a 40-yard dash. Mbappe had always been interested in speed and wanted to see if he could improve his own time. After doing some research, he found a training program that helped him shave off four seconds from his original time.

The program consisted of four weeks of intense training, including sprints, plyometrics, and weightlifting. By the end of the fourth week, Mbappe had lowered his time to an impressive 36 seconds. He credits his success to hard work and dedication, but also acknowledges that genetics played a role in his fast time.

Overall, Mbappe is extremely happy with his new personal best and encourages others to set their own goals and push themselves to reach them.

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