Lionel Messi Vs Ronaldinho

There are few players in the history of football that have captured the imagination quite like Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi. Both men were born into poverty in South America and both rose to become two of the greatest footballers of their generation. Ronaldinho was the first to make his mark on the world stage, winning the World Cup with Brazil in 2002.

He then became a global superstar with Barcelona, where he won two La Liga titles and the Champions League. Messi followed in Ronaldinho’s footsteps, joining Barcelona as a teenager and quickly establishing himself as one of the best players in the world. He has since gone on to win four La Liga titles and three Champions Leagues with Barcelona, cementing his place as one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Who is the better player? Messi or Ronaldinho? There is no easy answer to this question as both players are exceptional talents.

However, if we compare their statistics, it is clear that Messi has had a more successful career than Ronaldinho. Messi has scored more goals and won more trophies than his Brazilian counterpart. He is also widely regarded as the best player in the world today.

In contrast, Ronaldinho’s career has been somewhat disappointing in recent years. He has failed to live up to his potential and has been plagued by injuries. So, based on their recent form, it would seem that Messi is the better player of the two.

However, Ronaldinho should not be discounted completely as he is still a very talented footballer who could turn things around in the future.

Lionel Messi Vs Ronaldinho


Who was Better Messi Or Ronaldinho?

Messi is better. Ronaldinho was a great player, but Messi is on another level. He has more goals and assists than Ronaldinho, and he’s also a much better all-around player.

Messi is faster, stronger, and more skilled than Ronaldinho. He’s also a better leader and teammate.

What Messi Said About Ronaldinho?

In an interview with TyC Sports, Lionel Messi spoke about his admiration for Ronaldinho and how the Brazilian was his idol growing up. “Ronaldinho was my idold-he is a genius,” said Messi. “He could do things that nobody else could do on a football pitch.”

The Barcelona star also spoke about how Ronaldinho helped him settle in at the club when he first arrived as a young player. “I remember when I first arrived at Barcelona, he (Ronaldinho) was the one who helped me the most,” said Messi.

Who is the Best Dribbler of All Time?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is subjective and depends on individual preferences. However, some of the most popular dribblers in basketball history include Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. All three players have demonstrated exceptional ball-handling skills and have been able to create space and score against tight defenses.

Each player has a unique style of play that has helped them become one of the best at their position.

Did Messi Play With Ronaldinho?

Yes, Messi played with Ronaldinho. They were both at Barcelona during the 2006-2007 season.

Messi vs Ronaldinho | Who Is The Barcelona King?

Messi Vs Ronaldinho Stats

In the world of football, there are few names more revered than Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho. These two legends of the game have enthralled fans for years with their spectacular skills and goalscoring prowess. Now, we take a look at their individual statistics to see who comes out on top in this battle of the Barcelona greats.

Messi has played 716 games for Barcelona, scoring an incredible 603 goals. He has also provided 235 assists for his team-mates, giving him a hand in almost a thousand goals during his time at the club. Unsurprisingly, he is the club’s all-time leading scorer and assist provider.

Ronaldinho, meanwhile, racked up 226 goals and 177 assists in just 406 appearances for Barcelona. He may not have played as many games as Messi but he was still a hugely influential player during his time at the club. So, who comes out on top when we compare their statistics?

Well, it’s very close but we think Messi just edges it. His superior goal tally and number of assists give him the edge over Ronaldinho in our opinion. However, both men are true legends of the game and will be remembered fondly by fans for years to come.

Ronaldinho Vs Messi Vs Ronaldo

There is no doubt that Ronaldo, Messi, and Ronaldinho are three of the greatest footballers of all time. All three players have achieved remarkable things in their careers and have entertained fans across the world with their unbelievable skills. But who is the greatest of them all?

It is difficult to compare players from different eras, but if we look at their individual achievements, it is clear that Ronaldo and Messi are ahead of Ronaldinho. Ronaldo has won five Ballon d’Or awards (an award given to the best player in the world), while Messi has won six. Ronaldinho, on the other hand, has only won one.

In terms of league titles, Ronaldo has won 26 (including five with Juventus), while Messi has won 34 (including ten with Barcelona). Ronaldinho, again, falls behind with just 19 league titles to his name. There is no doubt that Ronaldo and Messi are two of the greatest footballers ever – but when it comes to individual achievement, Ronaldo just edges it.

Messi Vs Ronaldinho Who is the Best Dribbler

There is no doubt that both Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho are two of the best dribblers in the history of football. But who is the better dribbler? Let’s take a look at some statistics to see who comes out on top.

Messi has played 772 games for Barcelona and Argentina, while Ronaldinho has played 805 games for club and country. In those appearances, Messi has completed 5144 dribbles, while Ronaldinho has completed 5068. So, based on those numbers, it would appear that Messi is slightly better than his Brazilian counterpart.

But let’s dig a little deeper. When we look at the percentage of times each player successfully completes a dribble (known as the success rate), we see that Messi actually comes out on top here too. He has a success rate of 70%, while Ronaldinho’s is 67%.

So, based on these numbers, it would appear that Lionel Messi is the better dribbler than Ronaldinho. But there are other factors to consider too such as style of play and technique. For example, some people may argue that Ronaldinho was more skilful when it came to street football tricks and flicks.

And while there is no doubting his ability with the ball at his feet, Messi’s game is more about speed and quickness which can be just as effective when trying to beat an opponent. In conclusion, it’s impossible to say definitively who the better dribbler is between these two legends of the game. It depends on what you’re looking for in a player and what your personal preferences are.

Ronaldinho Vs Ronaldo

Who is better? There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on individual preferences. Some people may prefer Ronaldinho because of his more creative style of play, while others may prefer Ronaldo because of his more clinical approach and goal-scoring record.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide who they think is the better player.


In Lionel Messi vs Ronaldinho, we take a look at two of the world’s biggest football stars. Both have had hugely successful careers, but who is the better player? We compare their statistics, achievements and awards to see who comes out on top.

It’s close, but ultimately we think Messi is the better player – just! Messi has scored more goals and made more assists than Ronaldinho, as well as winning more trophies. He is also the only player to win five Ballon d’Or awards.

Ronaldinho does have some impressive stats too though, including more goals in El Clasico matches and a higher success rate when it comes to dribbling. He was also an instrumental part of Brazil’s 2002 World Cup victory. So who do you think is the better player?

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