Do dogs know they’re being adopted?

Adopting a dog can be a wonderful experience for both the pet and the new owner. But what about the dog’s perspective? Do dogs know they are being adopted and understand the concept of a forever home? The answer is not entirely clear, but researchers and animal behavior experts have some insight into the matter.

Dogs’ Ability to Remember

Dogs have a remarkable ability to remember and recall past events. Studies have shown that dogs have a strong working memory, which allows them to remember and respond to commands for a short period of time. They also have long-term memory, which enables them to remember past experiences and familiar faces for extended periods.

This means that dogs can remember the people, places, and routines they were accustomed to before they were adopted. This can be a positive or negative thing, depending on the dog’s previous living situation. For example, a dog that was well-loved and cared for in its previous home may miss its previous owners and feel a sense of loss when it is adopted. On the other hand, a dog that was neglected or abused may have positive associations with its new home and feel safe and secure.

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Body Language

Dogs communicate mainly through body language, and it can be helpful to understand their signals when trying to determine their feelings about being adopted. A dog that is nervous or anxious may show signs of fear or discomfort, such as trembling, panting, or hiding. A dog that is excited and happy may wag its tail, show a relaxed body posture, and approach its new owners with confidence.

Shelter Dogs

Many adopted dogs come from shelters, where they may have experienced a lot of stress and uncertainty. Shelter dogs are often in unfamiliar surroundings, surrounded by unfamiliar dogs and people. This can be overwhelming for them and can cause behavioral issues.

However, many shelter dogs do well in their new homes and adjust quickly. This is often the case for dogs that have had positive experiences with people and other dogs in the past. For dogs that have had negative experiences, it may take more time and patience for them to adjust to their new home.

Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs are often taken in by rescue organizations after being abandoned or neglected by their previous owners. These dogs may have experienced a lot of trauma and may have behavioral issues as a result.

It is important to understand that rescue dogs may need more patience, understanding, and training than dogs that have had a more stable upbringing. However, with the right approach and care, rescue dogs can make wonderful pets and can form strong bonds with their new owners.

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The shelter dog realizes he’s been adopted


It is difficult to say for certain whether dogs know they are being adopted and understand the concept of a forever home. However, it is clear that dogs have a strong ability to remember past experiences and can form attachments to new people and places. Understanding a dog’s body language and past experiences can help new owners determine the best way to help their new pet adjust to its new home. With patience, understanding, and training, rescue and shelter dogs can make wonderful pets and feel safe in their new forever homes.

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