Did Lionel Messi Go to College

In 2004, a young Argentine soccer player named Lionel Messi made his professional debut with FC Barcelona. He was just 17 years old. Since then, he has become one of the greatest soccer players in history.

But did you know that Lionel Messi never went to college? Here’s the story of how he became one of the best soccer players in the world without ever setting foot on a college campus. Lionel Messi was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1987.

As a child, he showed incredible talent for soccer. He joined FC Barcelona’s youth academy when he was just 11 years old. From early on, it was clear that he had potential to be a special player.

In 2003-2004, Messi made his way up to Barcelona’s first team squad. At just 17 years old, he made his debut in a friendly match against Jose Mourinho’s Porto side.

Lionel Messi, one of the greatest soccer players in history, did not go to college. He was born in Argentina and began playing professionally for Barcelona at the age of 17. Messi has won numerous awards and trophies, including five FIFA Ballon d’Or awards (given to the best player in the world).

He is widely considered to be one of the best players of all time.

Did Lionel Messi Go to College

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What is Messi Education Level?

Lionel Messi is a professional soccer player who was born in Rosario, Argentina on June 24, 1987. He began playing soccer at a young age and joined the youth team of Newell’s Old Boys when he was eight years old. When he was eleven years old, he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency and his family moved to Barcelona, Spain so that he could receive treatment.

Messi attended La Masia, a prestigious soccer academy associated with FC Barcelona, and made his debut for the club’s senior team in 2004. Since then, Messi has established himself as one of the best soccer players in the world and has won numerous individual and team awards. He is currently captain of both FC Barcelona and the Argentine national team.

Messi did not receive a traditional education beyond high school due to his commitment to soccer; however, he has completed some courses online through the University of Phoenix.

Do Messis Kids Go to School?

Yes, Lionel Messi’s children go to school. In fact, they just started school this year! Messi and his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, have three young sons: Mateo (6), Ciro (4), and Thiago (2).

All three boys are enrolled in a private school in Barcelona. Messi is originally from Argentina, but he has lived in Spain for many years now. He plays professional soccer for FC Barcelona, and his family has made their home in Barcelona.

It is important to Messi that his children get a good education. He wants them to be able to learn and grow in an environment that is safe and nurturing. That’s why he chose a private school for his sons.

Of course, with Messi as their dad, the boys are already getting plenty of attention! People are fascinated by them and are always asking about them. But at school, they will be just like any other kids – learning, playing and growing up together.

When Did Messi Go to School?

Lionel Messi is one of the most popular soccer players in the world and is currently playing for Barcelona. He was born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina. Messi began playing soccer at a young age and his talents were quickly recognized by local coaches.

By the time he was 10 years old, he had already joined the youth team of Newell’s Old Boys, one of Argentina’s top clubs. However, Messi’s career almost came to an abrupt end when he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. His family could not afford the expensive treatment needed to correct the condition, but luckily for Messi, Barcelona offered to pay for his medical bills on the condition that he move to Spain and join their youth academy.

So in 2000, at the age of 13, Lionel Messi moved to Barcelona with his family. He enrolled in La Masia, Barcelona’s prestigious youth academy, where he continued to develop his skills as a footballer. In 2004, he made his debut for Barcelona B (Barcelona’s reserve team) and then eventually made it into the first team squad where he has been playing ever since.

What Did Lionel Messi Study in College?

Lionel Messi didn’t attend college, as he instead chose to focus on his soccer career. However, had he gone to college, it’s likely that he would have studied something related to sports. For example, many professional soccer players study sports science in order to better understand how the body works and how to optimize their training.

Given Messi’s dedication to his sport and his incredible natural talent, it’s safe to say that he would have been a great student no matter what he chose to study!

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Did Messi Drop Out of School

In 2012, Argentine footballer Lionel Messi was ranked the world’s highest-paid athlete by Forbes magazine. The following year, he retained his title with earnings of $41.3 million. But unlike many of his sporting peers, Messi didn’t come from a wealthy family.

In fact, he almost didn’t become a professional footballer at all. As a child, Messi showed great promise as a footballer. At the age of four he joined local club Grandoli FC and by the time he was eleven had been snapped up by one of Argentina’s biggest clubs, Newell’s Old Boys.

However, around this time it became apparent that Messi was suffering from growth hormone deficiency – a condition that would have made it very difficult for him to continue playing football at a competitive level. Fortunately for Messi (and for fans of football), his family were able to raise the money required for treatment and he began receiving regular injections of human growth hormone. This allowed him to continue developing as a footballer and in 2003 he made his debut for Barcelona’s first team.

He has since gone on to win numerous individual and team honours, including four Champions League titles and six Ballon d’Or awards (given to the player deemed to be the best in the world). So how did someone like Lionel Messi – who came from relatively humble beginnings and faced significant health problems – go on to become one of the greatest footballers of all time? It takes more than just talent and good fortune; it takes hard work, dedication and an unwavering commitment to your dreams.


No, Lionel Messi did not go to college. He instead joined FC Barcelona’s youth academy at the age of 13. After working his way up through the ranks, he made his first-team debut in 2004 and has been with the club ever since.

In that time, he’s established himself as one of the greatest players of all time, winning numerous individual and team accolades.

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