Benzema Vs Suarez

In the battle of Benzema vs Suarez, both men have had their share of success. Suarez has been a prolific goalscorer for Liverpool and Barcelona, while Benzema has been a key player for Real Madrid. However, when it comes to international football, both men have struggled to make an impact.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the two players’ records and try to determine who is the better striker.

In the world of football, there are many great strikers. But who is the best? Benzema or Suarez?

Let’s take a look at the stats. Benzema has played 704 games and has scored 327 goals. That’s a goal every 2.16 games.

Suarez has played 654 games and has scored 405 goals. That’s a goal every 1.62 games. So, based on these numbers, it looks like Suarez is the better striker.

But let’s not forget that Benzema has also provided 157 assists, while Suarez has only provided 79. So, Benzema is not only scoring goals, but he’s also helping his teammates score goals. When you compare the two strikers, it’s clear that Benzema is the more complete player and the better option for your team.

Benzema Vs Suarez Career Stats

In the world of football, there are always debates about who is the better player. These days, one of the hottest topics is Benzema vs Suarez – who is the better striker? To help settle the debate, let’s take a look at their career stats.

Benzema: Benzema has played 786 matches and scored 368 goals in his career so far. He has also provided 152 assists.

Of his 368 goals, 121 have been from inside the box and 247 have been from outside the box. He has also scored 49 headed goals. Suarez:

Suarez has played 662 matches and scored 405 goals in his career thus far. He has also provided 185 assists. Of his 405 goals, 157 have been from inside the box and 248 have been from outside the box.

He has also scored 46 headed goals.

Benzema Vs Suarez Individual Awards

In the battle of Benzema vs Suarez for individual awards, it’s clear that both players have had stellar seasons. But who deserves to come out on top? When it comes to goalscoring, there’s no doubt that Benzema has been the more prolific of the two.

He’s scored an impressive 28 goals in all competitions, compared to Suarez’s 23. But it’s not just about the numbers – Benzema has also shown a real ability to find the back of the net when it matters most. He was crucial in Real Madrid’s Champions League campaign, scoring important goals against both Paris Saint-Germain and Atletico Madrid.

But while Benzema may have the edge in terms of goalscoring, Suarez can’t be discounted completely. He’s been instrumental in Barcelona’s successful season, and his all-round game is superb. He works tirelessly for his team, and his link-up play with Lionel Messi is second to none.

Plus, he also has a fantastic record in big games – he scored twice against Real Madrid in El Clasico earlier this season. So who deserves to win individual awards? It’s difficult to say for sure, but based on their performances this seasonBenzema just edges it ahead of Suarez.

Benzema Vs Suárez Vs Lewandowski

Benzema, Suarez, and Lewandowski are three of the most prolific strikers in Europe. They have all had great success at the club level, and have been nominated for numerous individual awards. But who is the best?

Benzema has been a consistent performer for Real Madrid over the last few years. He was a key player in their Champions League winning campaign in 2013-14, and has scored over 20 goals in each of his last four seasons. Suarez, on the other hand, only joined Barcelona in 2014.

But he’s already made a huge impact, scoring 82 goals in just two seasons. He was instrumental in their treble-winning campaign last year, and is currently the leading scorer in La Liga. Lewandowski is another top striker who has been consistently finding the back of the net for Bayern Munich.

He’s won back-to-back Bundesliga titles with Bayern, and was named German Footballer of the Year in 2015-16. So who is the best out of these three strikers? It’s hard to say.

They’re all very different players with their own unique skillsets. Benzema is an excellent finisher, Suarez is a master at creating chances for himself and others, while Lewandowski is superb at holding up the ball and bringing others into play. It’s impossible to pick one as the best because they all have different strengths that make them such lethal strikers.

Benzema Vs Suarez Trophies

Who comes out on top when we compare the trophy haul of two of Europe’s most prolific strikers, Karim Benzema and Luis Suarez? Both men have had illustrious careers thus far, winning a host of individual and collective honours between them. But who can lay claim to being the more successful of the two?

Let’s take a look at their trophy cabinets to find out… Benzema has won 11 trophies in his career so far, including 4 League titles and 2 Champions Leagues. He has also picked up 2 French Cups, 2 League Cups and 1 Spanish Super Cup.

In terms of individual awards, Benzema has been named in the Ligue 1 Team of the Year 3 times, as well as being included in the UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season on 2 occasions. He was also crowned France Football’s Player of the Year in 2011. Suarez, meanwhile, has amassed an impressive 16 trophies during his time in Europe.

These include 5 League titles (4 with Liverpool and 1 with Barcelona), as well as 4 domestic cups (2 FA Cups and 2 Copas del Rey). He has also been victorious in 2 European competitions: the Europa League and Champions League. At international level, he helped Uruguay win the 2011 Copa America.

In terms of individual accolades, Suarez has been named PFA Player of the Year on 2 occasions (2013/14 & 2014/15), as well as winning both Liverpool’s Player of the Season award and Players’ Player of the Season award on 3 occasions each. He was also named FIFA World Player of the Year in 2014.

Benzema Vs Lewandowski

Benzema has been in top form for Real Madrid this season, while Lewandowski has been leading the charge for Bayern Munich. So, who is the better striker? There is no doubt that both Benzema and Lewandowski are world-class strikers.

They have both scored a lot of goals for their respective clubs over the years. However, it is Benzema who has been in red-hot form this season. He has already scored 21 goals in all competitions for Real Madrid.

On the other hand, Lewandowski has only managed to score 16 goals so far. In terms of overall ability, there is not much to choose between these two strikers. They are both excellent goal-scorers and can create chances for their teammates as well.

However, Benzema’s recent form means that he gets the edge over Lewandowski.

Benzema Vs Suarez


Who’S Better Benzema Or Suarez?

There is no clear consensus on who is the better player between Benzema and Suarez. Some people argue that Benzema is a more complete player, while others believe that Suarez is more lethal in front of goal. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Benzema is often lauded for his technical ability and link-up play. He’s very good at dropping deep and finding space between the lines, which allows him to create chances for his teammates. He’s also an excellent finisher, with both feet, and has a knack for getting himself into goalscoring positions.

However, he can be inconsistent at times and has been known to go through long periods without scoring many goals. Suarez, on the other hand, is all about goals. He’s a world-class striker who always seems to find the back of the net, even in tough situations.

He’s got great movement off the ball, as well as superb finishing ability. The only downside to Suarez is that he doesn’t provide much else besides goals; he doesn’t create many chances for others and can be quite selfish on the pitch. So who’s better?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a player. If you want someone who will score lots of goals but doesn’t contribute much else, then Suarez is your man. If you prefer a striker who provides assists and creates chances as well as scoring goals himself, then Benzema is probably your best bet.

How Many Goal Did Benzema Scored in His Career?

Karim Benzema is a French professional footballer who plays as a striker for Spanish club Real Madrid and the France national team. He has been described as an “immensely talented striker” who is “strong, quick and excellent in the air”, and has shown great composure and finishing ability with both his head and feet. Benzema began his football career with Lyon, where he scored on his debut aged 17.

He was the club’s top goalscorer for the 2007–08 season with 20 goals in all competitions, followed by 24 goals in 2008–09. In July 2009, Benzema transferred to Real Madrid for a fee of €35 million, becoming one of the club’s first major signings following their transfer ban. benzema

He scored in his league debut against Racing Santander on 29 August 2009. His first Champions League goal came in a group stage match against Zürich on 1 October 2009. After being shifted from center-forward to an attacking midfield role under new manager José Mourinho, he finished the 2010–11 season with 26 goals across all competitions; 19 of these came in La Liga as he helped Real Madrid win their record 32nd league championship title that season.

In 2013–14, he was leading scorer for Real Madrid with 22 La Liga goals as they captured a record-extending 10th European Cup/UEFA Champions League title that season. The following campaign saw Benzema win another double of domestic league championship and UEFA Champions League titles; this time scoring 17 times en route to helping Madrid achieve La Décima (their tenth European crown). In 2015–16, Benzema scored 16 La Liga goals which earned him runner up spot behind Luis Suárez for Pichichi Trophy – awarded to annual top scorer of Spanish Primera División – while also contributing 9 assists which ranked him 2nd only behind Lionel Messi among all players in Europe’s big five leagues that season according to Opta stats.


How Many Goals Suarez Scored in His Career?

Luis Suarez is a world-renowned striker who has played for some of the biggest clubs in Europe including Liverpool, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. He is currently the all-time leading goalscorer for Uruguay with 54 goals and he also holds the record for most goals in a UEFA Champions League season with 10. So far in his career, Suarez has scored 351 goals which is an impressive tally for any player let alone a striker.

His best season to date was probably the 2013/14 campaign where he netted 31 times in 33 appearances for Liverpool as they came close to winning the Premier League title. One of Suarez’s most impressive traits is his ability to score all types of goals; whether it’s a poacher’s finish, a long-range belter or a header, he can do it all. This versatility makes him one of the most dangerous strikers in world football and explains why he has been so successful throughout his career.

Even at 32 years old, Suarez is still scoring plenty of goals and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It will be interesting to see how many more goals he can rack up before he finally hangs up his boots!

Who Has More Goals Lewandowski Or Suarez?

In the battle of who has more goals, it is clear that Suarez comes out on top. The Uruguayan striker has scored an impressive 198 goals in 283 appearances for Liverpool and Barcelona, while Lewandowski has managed 166 goals in 247 appearances for Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. There is no doubt that both players are world-class strikers, but Suarez’s tally of goals is simply unmatched.

Luis Suárez Vs Karim Benzema | Who is the deadliest Striker | 2019


In the world of football, there are many great strikers. But who is the best? Many people would say it’s either Benzema or Suarez.

So, who is the better striker? Benzema is a French striker who plays for Real Madrid. He is known for his clinical finishing and his ability to score goals in any situation.

On the other hand, Suarez is a Uruguayan striker who plays for Barcelona. He is known for his determination and will to win, as well as his goal-scoring prowess. So, who is the better striker?

It’s hard to say. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. But if we had to choose one, we would say Benzema is the better striker overall.

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