Are Cats Self Aware?: A Purrfect Inquiry

Cats are incredibly curious creatures and always seem to be wondering about the world around them. But the question of whether cats are self-aware has been debated for years. Scientists and animal behaviorists have been trying to answer this question for some time. Here, we’ll look at what the research has found out, and what it means for cats and their owners.

What is Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize oneself as an individual with unique thoughts, feelings and experiences. Self-aware animals are able to recognize themselves and their place in the environment. In order to assess whether cats are self-aware, researchers have looked at a number of indicators including the ability to recognize themselves in mirrors.

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Are Cats Self Aware?

Recognizing Oneself in Mirrors

The mirror test is often used to assess an animal’s level of self-awareness. In the test, a mark is placed on a subject’s body, and the animal is then put in front of a mirror. If the animal notices the mark and attempts to remove it, then it is considered to have passed the test.

Unsurprisingly, cats do not pass the mirror test. They are simply not as interested in their reflections as other animals, such as chimpanzees and dolphins, are. Cats do sometimes react to their reflections, but it is usually just curiosity and not recognition of themselves.

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Cat Using Tools

Using Tools

Another way researchers have tried to assess cats’ level of self-awareness is by observing whether they are able to use tools to solve problems. Cats may not pass the mirror test, but they are very good at problem-solving. Cats are able to use items such as leashes and scratching posts to get to where they want to be.

Cat self-awareness is also evident in their use of cues from their owners. Cats can learn specific sounds and visual cues that they associate with desired behaviors. This indicates that they are able to think on some level about the consequences of their actions.


It is clear that cats are not self-aware in the same way as many other animals. However, they are still capable of problem-solving and responding to cues from their owners. So while cats may not pass the mirror test, they still have a level of self-awareness that can help them to better interact with their environment and with their owners.

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