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ESPN and Southeastern Conference (SEC) have been partners since 1982. Just recently, SEC has extended its partnership with ESPN for another 20 years (until 2034). This will also result in the development of a digital platform for ESPN.

SEC and ESPN - Digital Platform

What Is the Southeastern Conference (SEC)?

The SEC was founded 1932 with 14 member institutions. In alphabetical order these are: Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, LSU, Georgia, Missouri, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas A&M, and Vanderbilt. Currently the SEC is involved in twelve (12) women’s athletics/sports and nine (9) men’s athletics/sports.


What is the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN)?

If you have been living under a rock for most of your life, ESPN is a subsidiary (indirect) of Walt Disney Company. It is the undisputed leader in sports network, cable or otherwise. Currently it has 8 networks, all of which operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! ESPN has more than 50 network assets, one of which is the SEC.


What Is ESPN SEC Air?

ESPN will air SEC content 24 hours a day, seven days a week via AT&T U-verse. The target for the first year of operations is around 1,000 events. This includes:

  • 100+ men’s basketball games
  • 75+ baseball games
  • 60+ women’s basketball games
  • 45+ SEC football games


How’s the Quality?

First there is the SEC content. Then there is the ESPN network coverage. Add the digital platform. Mix in SEC athletic programs from all 14 member institutions, shake and streamline, then serve. The resulting mix is a cocktail of the most exciting sports events, aired clearly and live to most countries!

ESPN will oversee the Corporate Sponsor Program of SEC. Unlike before ESPN will focus on SEC. Given the fact that ESPN already provides an average of 1,600 of SEC programs every year, this means that ESPN needs to provide another outlet.


Enter AT&T U-verse

AT&T is the first national distributor for the network. AT&T U-verse promo codes promises the availability of a multichannel subscription. This means that programs can be accessed via TV, laptops, tablet pc, smart phones, etc. Select gaming consoles like the Xbox will also be tapped.

So, you are considering signing up for AT&T U-verse? Not only does AT&T often give a number of inducements plus special offers for first time consumers, but they also allow third parties to market many discounts. You will find websites like Sell Integrity from which customers can apply ATT Uverse coupon code from Buttersword.org!


Verizon is truly a telecommunications goliath delivering tech services for homes and also companies. Thanks to several astute purchases, Verizon is currently the number one mobile provider in america.



The business exemplifies the persistent search for the baby Bells to remain significant in a market which dates back to the invention of the telephone back in the mid to late 19th century.


Through the Twentieth century, telecommunications organizations were being constrained as to the places they might operate by laws, but the Telecommunications Act of 96 transformed the situation. The recent regulation launched the road for a free marketplace.


Verizon is really a telecommunications company which links both residences and business owners to innovative communication services. Verizon supplies telephone, mobile, broadband plus TV service to millions of households in the nation.

Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS is a bundled solution delivering Broadband, phone and tv operating across fiber-optic telecom networks. The FiOS program was introduced in Keller Texas in September 22nd, 2005. FiOS presently has in excess of Three million customers for Television along with broadband, each.

Verizon delivers a premium quality product at practical rates together with broad accessibility. By having a range of options including HD, Prime HD, Extreme HD, Ultimate HD, along with a variety of great plans, clients won’t have any trouble selecting a FiOS package that fits them.

FiOS Product Bundles

Verizon delivers numerous FiOS product plans and fees in every one of its program locations (customers can use CouponCodes.io  to check plans and get a Verizon FIOS promo code). Some FiOS promotions plans may include:

  • Double Play – FiOS Select HD TV + FiOS Internet with 15/5 Mbps
  • Triple Play – FiOS Prime HD TV + FiOS Internet with 50/25 Mbps + Digital Phone

Community and Environment

Verizon considers company social responsibility seriously. The Domestic Violence Program also, the Device Recycling Program are a couple of Verizon’s major community service programs.

Domestic Violence Program
Through the use of reconditioned mobile devices plus equipment, Verizon is combating back against domestic violence. Verizon supplies to domestic violence victims restored mobile phones in addition to add-ons .
Device Recycling Program
The Verizon Device Recycling Program permits consumers to easily recycle old mobile phones, tablets, net books together with other wireless devices as well as lessen the environmental footprint by lowering the amount of refuse in trash dumps.

Verizon’s recognized program as well as consideration for the local community and also environment are leading the way for various other telecommunications companies to follow.

FIFA, which stands for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, is the international body of rules and governance for the sports of soccer (also known association football), futsal (an indoor version of soccer, also known as “hall football”), and even beach soccer. FIFA was founded in Paris during the early 1900’s and currently consists of over two hundred different teams with Swiss football administrator Sepp Blatter serving as the organization’s eighth president. Originally, FIFA only handled European matches and tournaments, but added African activities in 1908, South American activities in 1912, and North American activities in 1913.
About FIFA
FIFA’s headquarters lay in Zurich, Switzerland yet it organizes all the events such as major tournaments such as the World Cup, Confederations Cup, U-20 World Cup, U-17 World Cup, Futsal World Cup, and the Beach Stars/FIFA Youth Cup. FIFA’s organization includes a Congress, containing representatives from six major regions:


  • CONMEBOL. The South American Confederation of Football.
  • CONCACAF. The Confederation of North, Central American, and Caribbean Association Football which includes Guyana and Suriname, as well as French Guiana and Guadeloupe (who do not belong to FIFA).
  •  AFC. The Asian Football organization, which includes Australia.
  •  CAF. The Confederation of African Football.
  •  OFC. The Oceania Football Confederation, which includes New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, and other island nations of the Pacific Ocean.
  •  UEFA. The Union of European Football Associations.

Also of note is that nine sovereign nations are omitted from FIFA’s roster. These nations would be the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Monaco, Vatican City, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Tuvalu, and Palau.

The FIFA Congress votes on rulings of the game, such as whether or not to allow video replay of matches, and elects the organization’s President, Executive Secretary, and other members of its Executive Committee after the FIFA World Cup is concluded. Every represented nation is guaranteed at least one vote, regardless of its size.

In the world of football (or soccer as it is called in North America), the English Premier League reigns supreme. Watched by over 643 million homes globally, the English Premier League is the top division in English football with 20 clubs participating.
About Premier League SoccerFormed in 1992, the English Premier League uses a promotion system within the larger English football scene, simply referred to as the “English football league.” Higher performing teams are moved up to the Premier League while teams that struggle to attain wins are demoted the following season. Typically, only a handful of teams hover in this bracket. The Premier League has had 45 teams complete since its debut and only seven teams have managed to avoid demotion to the lower league. This includes mainstays like Arsenal, Liverpool and perennial favorite, Manchester United.

While the English Premier League boasts the largest global fan-base and lucrative television contracts, it ranks second in stadium attendance behind the German top tier division, Bundesliga. And while critics lament the lack of parity in the English Premier League, representatives of the league competing in the UEFA Champions League face more stringent challenges.

The UEFA Champions League is a yearly tournament featuring the top clubs from the top football divisions in Europe. Since it started in 1992, English teams fared quite well against powerhouse teams from Spain, Italy and Germany, winning more than 10 championships.

The English Premier League has made gains into the American market as well. Considered an untapped market by many Premier League team owners, tours of popular teams like Chelsea play in exhibition matches in the United States. Strategic relationships have also been formed with the American top division, MLS.

Major League Soccer is a sport that is played professionally for pay by the best of the best. It is the highest level that one can ascend to in this sport.
Major League Soccer
It was organized and founded in the early 1990s and includes teams from both the United States and Canada. Presently, there are 19 teams and most of them have sponsors. There is a division of the teams into two different groups, the Eastern and Western Conference. There is a playoff series after the regular games have ended, which is followed by a championship final to determine the best team of the season.

Since the Major League Soccer was established, there have been several stadiums that have been built for the sole purpose of soccer games. Those stadiums include the Columbus Crew Station, The Home Depot Center, the BMO Field and the Red Bull Arena.

Media coverage has increased as well, since the beginning of Major League Soccer. In the beginning of Major League Soccer’s history, they were mainly covered by ESPN. Since that time, the coverage has spanned into more and more networks. Now, Major League Soccer games include pre-game and post-came footage, as well.

Major League Soccer has made great strides in such a short time and has a bright future ahead as they gain more publicity and fans.

football information

Football is the biggest sport in the world, even if it ranks outside of the “Big Four” in the United States. While it is the largest “youth” sport in the United States, and it has its die-hard fans, “soccer”, as it is called in the States, does not have the advertising marketability as American football, baseball, basketball or even ice hockey.

When you venture outside of the United States, football is the biggest sport in terms of both participation and popularity around the world in almost every country. While there are other sports that are popular (basketball, cricket, Australian Rules Football, etc.), nothing even compares to football in most countries. Whether it is League matches (English and Spanish league matches draw big ratings around the world), or FIFA tournaments, more people tune in for football than any other sport. In fact, the FIFA World Cup Final is traditionally looked at as the highest rated, and most popular, single sporting event in the world.

So why is football so popular around the world? In a sense, it is the simplicity of the game. While there are rules that need to be followed, it can be played on any sized field without much planning or equipment. In poor countries where there is not a budget for sporting equipment, football can be played with one single ball, or any round object that they can find. In a sense, it is a sport that can be mastered by someone no matter where they live around the world, meaning that a “Third World” country can always challenge a “First World” nation in a match.

When you talk about the most popular athletes in the world, Lionel Messi is going be known by just as many people as LeBron James. In addition, Pele is arguably one of the most popular athletes of all-time, easily in the same class of people like Michael Jordan and Muhammed Ali.